Inspirations Unveiled: IIW She Inspires Awards Commemorating Women’s Journey to Greatness

In the timeless corridors of the British Parliament, amidst the august presence of luminaries and dignitaries, an event of unparalleled significance is poised to unfold. The IIW She Inspires Awards, slated for the 12th of March, shall be a celebration of resilience, fortitude, and the indomitable spirit of womanhood.

Borne from the depths of noble intention, this prestigious ceremony stands as a beacon of hope for women across the length and breadth of India and its Global Diaspora. It is a testament to their inherent strength, their “Naari Shakti,” which transcends barriers and inspires countless souls to reach for the stars.

At the helm of this grand affair stands the esteemed Mr. Bob Blackman, Member of Parliament for the United Kingdom, whose unwavering support lends credence to the noble cause at hand. Under his guidance, the IIW She Inspires Awards shall unfold in a spectacle of elegance and reverence, held within the historic confines of the House of Commons, Committee Room Number 10.

The evening shall commence with a ceremonial welcome and felicitation, setting the stage for the unveiling of “Nari Shakti” – a literary masterpiece that chronicles the triumphs and tribulations of women throughout the ages.

Divided into two illustrious sessions, the program shall honor the exemplary journeys of women who have defied odds and carved their paths to greatness. The IIW Dharma Dubey Special Awards shall pay homage to 35 extraordinary women, whose feats of inspiration need no validation, for their legacy speaks volumes.

Simultaneously, the IIW She Inspires Special Awards shall spotlight the perseverance and dedication of 45 exceptional individuals, who, after traversing the rigorous gauntlet of nominations and preliminary rounds, have emerged victorious, their stories a testament to the transformative power of courage and determination.

As the world eagerly awaits the unfolding of this grand spectacle, let us stand united in admiration and respect for the women who have, through their silent yet resolute efforts, transformed lives and left an indelible mark upon the tapestry of humanity.

The judging panel for this momentous occasion includes luminaries such as:

  • Ms. Martine H Eni, Founder of the Diversity Festival Hertsmere
  • Ms. Mira Mishra Kaushik OBE, Co-Director of VHAH FEST and Founder Director of ANHAD Festival
  • Ms. Naomi Canton, Freelance Correspondent for Times of India UK
  • Ms. Geetha Upadhyay OBE, M.B.B.S., M.D., Ph.D., D.Lett., MBACP
  • Ms. Seema Anand, Mythologist and Author of “The Arts of Seduction”
  • Ms. Modupe Dada, Consultant for the NHS Mental Health
  • Dr. Yvonne Thompson CBE, DL, Founder of WinTrade Global Women In Business Network Summit and Awards
  • Ms. Usha Raghawan, Award-winning Bharatnatyam Dancer and Director of Kalasagara UK
  • Ms. Lady Waynett Peters, Founder & CEO of The Extraordinary Achievers Charity Awards
  • Dr. Monica, Author and Founder of Orlando Based Media Conglomerate ‘Monica Go’
  • Ms. Shehla Hasan, Director and Head- UK, Confederation of Indian Industry
  • Dorothea J Hackman, Former Professor at University College London
  • Kavita Modi, Industrialist at Kavita Plastics and Shree Kavita Corporation

For further inquiries and media coordination, please direct your correspondence to the event organizers at your earliest convenience.

With anticipation and reverence for the feminine spirit,

Rashmi Mishra
Chairperson – IIW She Inspires Awards Committee

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