Empowering Young Minds: RCC DIVA Kids Wing Hosts Impactful Communication Workshop by Dr. Anupama S Rao

RCC DIVA Kids Wing recently played host to a transformative communication workshop led by the esteemed Dr. Anupama S Rao, a leading expert in the field. The event, supported by the dynamic director Shradha Siddharth Sipani and her dedicated committee—comprising Sangeetha Sachin Goel, Esha Ankit Bokadia, and Pratibha Kunal Khicha—proved to be a remarkable success.

President Madhu Arihant, Secretary Priyanka Subrat Kucheria, and Treasurer Rachna Vijay Challani were instrumental in ensuring the smooth execution of the workshop, which drew active participation from around 50 students.

The three-hour session, filled with intensive and interactive activities, focused on mastering effective speaking techniques. Renowned speakers Manav Agarwal and Manan Parekh shared insights on becoming captivating speakers and emphasized the need for compelling video presentations.

Dr. Anupama S Rao, a seasoned trainer and coach with two decades of experience, has a track record of nurturing students who have achieved accolades in debating, public speaking, Model United Nations, and the World Scholar’s Cup. Her unique approach involves arming students with a comprehensive understanding of current affairs, historical events, and the ability to envision future developments.

With a passion for instilling virtues of compassion and sensitivity, Dr. Rao believes in shaping character to mold thoughts and ideation, placing a strong emphasis on execution.

The success of this workshop is a testament to the commitment of RCC DIVA Kids Wing and the commendable efforts of Dr. Anupama S Rao in igniting young minds. The workshop not only equipped students with effective communication skills but also fostered qualities that go beyond rhetoric, preparing them for success in various fields.

In summary, RCC DIVA Kids Wing continues to be a beacon for holistic education, and the recent workshop stands as a shining example of their dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Empowering Young Minds: RCC DIVA Kids Wing Hosts Impactful Communication Workshop by Dr. Anupama S Rao

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