“Examining Immigration of Muslims, Non-Integration and Social Challenges in Europe”

The lack of integration of Muslims into European societal values and justice systems has triggered discussions regarding a perceived strategy of Islamization in Europe.

Brexit, National Sovereignty, and Concerns over Muslim Immigration in the UK

Britain’s decision to leave the EU in 2016 was principally motivated by a desire for more national sovereignty and control over internal matters, such as laws, borders, and trade policy. Additionally, one-third of British voters thought that immigration of Muslims was a part of a covert plan to Islamize Britain, according to a poll done by researchers at Cambridge University and YouGov and published in The Independent. This shows that some sections of the public had concerns and opinions about how Muslim immigration would affect them. The UK has had an inflow of Muslim immigration, and the Muslim community is particularly concentrated in regions like Greater London, the West Midlands, the North West, and Yorkshire, Humberside, where they make up a significant portion of the population. Authorities have taken notice of the problems raised by the influx of Muslims, particularly with regard to security and social cohesion. Islamist extremist groups have threatened the social fabric of the UK, and jihadist violence has increased in recent years. According to reports, terrorists associated with the Islamic State are purportedly plotting major assaults in the UK.

Non Integration of Muslims in European Liberal Value System

While some asylum seekers have been returned to Rwanda by British authorities due to concerns about terrorism, continued discussions about the challenges of immigration and security inside the European Union have taken place. Migrants have been involved in some regrettable incidents, such the capsize of a boat bringing roughly 350 Pakistanis to Greece due to overpopulation. The influx of migrants, mainly Muslims from violent or unstable regions, has brought attention to issues with maintaining law and order and managing the integration process. France has experienced a series of violent incidents for four consecutive days, triggered by an unfortunate shooting involving a police officer and a young teenager. This incident has sparked protests and clashes between protesters and law enforcement officers in various cities across France, including the capital and overseas territories. The unrest has not been limited to Paris, as the southern city of Marseille has also been affected. In Marseille, rioters damaged a public library, looted a gun store, and stole hunting rifles. Additionally, stores in Montpellier have been ransacked during the violence. According to statistics, Muslims represent approximately 10% of the population in France. In response to the presence of a significant Muslim population, the French government has implemented measures aimed at regulating mosques in the country.These measures are part of broader efforts to ensure oversight and promote integration within the Muslim community.

In Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, grooming gangs made up primarily of Muslims prey on the weak, oftentimes adolescents, for different sorts of exploitation, such as sexual assault or human trafficking. Sweden has outlawed Christmas lights to prevent upsetting Muslim refugees. Nigel Farage, a well-known Swedish politician, claims that due to the massive influx of young male migrants in recent years, Sweden now has the highest documented rape rates per capita in the EU. German society is also having trouble because of reports of immigrant Muslim difficulties. Due to the difficulty of integrating Muslims into Italian society, a right-wing coalition has emerged, calling for the adoption of strict measures to combat fundamentalism as undocumented migrants from the Middle East and north Africa cross the Mediterranean Sea into Italy and other parts of Europe. In an effort to catch up, the Dutch Parliament has agreed to monitor mosques for “foreign influence.”

All of them demonstrate how Sharia continues to serve as Muslims’ compass and interpret the cornerstone of the Islamic way of life. Many Muslims favour Sharia over international law. The refusal to integrate had caused a spike in ferocious conflicts everywhere. And if the European Union does not act in concert to limit immigration from the Middle East and reforms its lax immigration policy, the day will soon come when conflicts and violence will become the norm in Europe, endangering its unity and leading to many nations unilaterally leaving the union in response to domestic pressure.

4 thoughts on ““Examining Immigration of Muslims, Non-Integration and Social Challenges in Europe”

  1. Some European nations are already under pressure of implementing Sharia Law. In UK and France, they have sizable population. Many European countries opened the door for war refugees but are slowly recognizing the cultural differences. Poland is the only country who refused entry to such refugees.its only a question of time when the entire europe will turn into a ‘green state’. The measures implemented by France are good but are temporary solutions to ticking time bomb.

  2. Islam and all its muslims must be sent back to countries they came from. Include in this all, repeat all generations muslims created in UK, Germany, Francs, and USA

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