Pardada Pardadi Educational Society Clinches 4th Position in the Education World India School Rankings 2023-24

Anupshahar, Uttar Pradesh, India — In a resounding achievement, the Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES) has secured the 4th position in the prestigious Education World India School Rankings 2023-24. PPES, a non-profit organization dedicated to the educational, economic, and social empowerment of girls and women in rural India, has been recognized for its unwavering commitment to uplifting the lives of those it serves.

Founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Virender (Sam) Singh, a retired U.S. Dupont South Asia head, PPES was established in response to the glaring gender bias prevalent in rural society and the dire poverty affecting numerous families in the region. Sam Singh’s vision led to the creation of PPES, with a primary goal to provide quality education and break the shackles of poverty for rural girls and their families.

The journey began with a modest start, with the Pardada Pardadi School opening its doors to 45 girls from the most underprivileged families in the vicinity. Fast forward to the present, and the school has grown exponentially, now catering to approximately 3500 students from over 100 villages, a testament to the transformative impact of PPES in the community.

PPES’s outstanding success can be attributed to its exceptional educational program, which not only imparts academic knowledge but also fosters character and values, empowering girls to become confident and self-reliant individuals, poised to face the challenges of the modern world.

In addition to its academic mission, PPES is deeply committed to economic upliftment, providing vocational training and employment opportunities for women in the region. This holistic approach has not only raised educational standards but has also brought about a positive and profound transformation in the overall well-being of the community.

Earning the 4th position in the Education World India School Rankings 2023-24 is a powerful endorsement of PPES’s dedication and unwavering efforts in providing a brighter future for girls and women in rural India. It is an inspirational example for organizations and individuals alike, encouraging them to join the cause and contribute to societal transformation.

In the words of Mr. Sam Singh, the founder of PPES, “Our mission is not just to educate, but to empower and uplift the lives of these girls. The recognition in the Education World India School Rankings 2023-24 reaffirms our commitment and motivates us to continue our journey towards a more equitable and brighter future for all.”

Pardada Pardadi Educational Society’s remarkable achievement in the rankings is a testament to the power of education and the indomitable spirit of those who believe in making a difference. This recognition stands as a proud moment for all associated with PPES and a ray of hope for a brighter, more inclusive India.

About Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES): PPES is a non-profit organization based in Anupshahar, Bulandshahr district, Uttar Pradesh, India, founded in 2000. It is committed to the educational, economic, and social empowerment of girls and women in rural India. PPES’s flagship initiative, the Pardada Pardadi School, has transformed the lives of thousands, providing quality education and fostering independence among its students.


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