“Prof. Naela Quadri Baloch urges UN to intervene and halt the ongoing Baloch genocide in Pakistan.”

During her speech at the 53rd regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Prof. Naela Quadri Baloch emphasized the urgent need for UN intervention in Balochistan to address the ongoing genocide of the Baloch people. She called for the appointment of a UN Special Rapporteur, fact-finding missions, and monitoring initiatives to halt these atrocities. Prof. Naela highlighted that Pakistan, shielded by a media blackout, continues to carry out the Baloch genocide with impunity. Disturbingly, the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) reports that over 55,000 Baloch individuals, including women and children, have been forcibly disappeared. Shockingly, the victims also include a 7-day-old baby girl. Prof. Naela further stated that there is evidence suggesting the harvesting of vital organs, as well as the discovery of more than 10,000 bodies, many of which are found without organs. Mass graves and rape cells have also been documented. Prof. Naela urged the UN to fulfill its responsibilities by intervening and putting an end to these ongoing human tragedies.

2 thoughts on ““Prof. Naela Quadri Baloch urges UN to intervene and halt the ongoing Baloch genocide in Pakistan.”

  1. Prof. Naela Quadri ji, I feel very sad about the Baloch genocide in Pakistan. I really appreciate your subject concern. But you are looking through one eye. Open your another eye have look at the other parts of the world. And at the same time I ask you about your opinion and concern over the present situations in 2-3 states in Bharat, where hundus are beaten to death by Islamists/Rohingyas(illegal imigrants). The same situations are in Europe.

  2. Birth of islam is to destroy diversity of humanity . Their book teaches followers to kill another human to get place in heaven . Their god loves the blood shed who do not pray him by his name .
    UN is a dead org . UN with no goals to save humanity .

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