Transformational Coach & Author ignites Literary Spark at congregation of Youth Fest & Awards

The city of Gurugram was buzzing with excitement as children, parents, and literary enthusiasts gathered at Double tree Hilton for a remarkable Youth Spoken Fest and Awards hosted by esteemed children’s Society Empowerkidspersonalityschool .The event, held on 2nd July 2023 was an incredible success, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended.

With an aim to empower children with effective communication skills and ignite their passion for reading and storytelling, 32 young’s Authors took the stage and mesmerized the audience with their inspiring journey as an author. Through engaging anecdotes and valuable insights, 50 Inspiring speakers captivated Audience, emphasizing the importance of self-expression, creativity, and the magic of storytelling.

The event was a unique opportunity for children to showcase their public speaking abilities. With the guidance of Priyanka Behl , all the young participants eagerly embraced interactive activities and exercises that encouraged them to express their thoughts and ideas. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, enthusiasm, and a sense of newfound confidence as each child took their turn on the microphone, showcasing their speaking skills.

In addition to the public speaking segment, attendees were eagerly awaiting the launch of their latest masterpieces. The books , with its captivating tales and breathtaking illustrations, truly captured the essence of childhood wonder and transported readers to imaginative realms. The book launch marked a special moment as Authors personally signed copies and engaged in heartfelt conversations with parents and children alike.

“The event was a testament to the power of storytelling and the incredible potential within each child,” shared Priyanka Behl says , the event’s organizer. “Witnessing the children’s growth in confidence and seeing their faces light up as they delved into the world of imagination was truly inspiring. We are grateful to each Author for their dedication to inspiring young readers and instilling a love for literature.”

Parents and guardians expressed their gratitude for the event, recognizing the positive impact it had on their children. Many spoke of newfound enthusiasm for reading, improved communication skills, and a heightened sense of creativity observed in their young ones.

Youth Spoken Fest & Awards had participants from 5 countries this time who showcased the collaborative efforts and the dedicated team behind the scenes. By creating a nurturing environment that celebrated literacy and imagination, the event fostered a love for literature and encouraged young minds to explore the world of books.

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