American Global Cabal plans to scuttle Indo Russia Strategic Ties through its NATO Plus Offer.

Through the proposal of the China Select Committee of the US House, the United States is scheming against Narendra Modi by pushing for India to join NATO Plus.

Russia asked India for cooperation because it is possible that it will be blacklisted at the FATF meeting next month. The proposal to include India in NATO Plus is essentially a west-directed scheme to undermine the defense partnership between India and Russia, impede the delivery of discounted oil to India, and obstruct the introduction of the BRICS currency.

If the Americans had sent their forces from Afghanistan to confront China at Himalyas during the Galwan Clash, I would have liked it.

Why should India give up its strategic independence and become an American vassal state?
Under Democrat rule, Americans act in the best interests of global corporate elites who put their own corporate interests ahead of America’s national interest. Given that India will be hosting the SCO summit in New Delhi on July 3 and 4, the upcoming months will be a challenge for Narendra Modi and S. Jaishankar.

India is under increased pressure to invite Zelensky to the G20 Summit, which will take place in New Delhi on September 9 and 10. The Bilderberg Committee group has worked up a plan to encircle India.
The unexpected encounter between Modi and the G7 leaders in Zelensky is a sign of wider booby traps set by the liberal west, which seeks to unseat Narendra Modi as prime minister of India and install a compliant government representing Cabal interests.

We must not forget that the Biden Administration is giving 80 F16 aircraft operated by the Pakistan Air Force an upgrade of 450 million dollars and upgrading them with the newest armaments for Pakistan’s benefit.

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