‘The Kerala Story’ : Expose of Cultural Ethno Genocide and Extermination of Communities by Jihadi Ecosystem

The Kerala Story, which is slated to enter theatres on May 5, reveals the intricate web of well-funded multinational cartel organisations that recruit women to carry out terror attacks in India and around the world. The movie says that 32000 women are allegedly missing from Kerala, according to reports. The reality of the “Love Jihad” has been refuted by numerous organisations and government bodies, which claim the statistics are greatly overstated given the prevalence of interfaith relationships and weddings in the state. The term has been used in Kerala politics to polarise the vote base, according to several detractors. The term has been used in Kerala politics to polarise the vote base, according to several analyst. They claim that the movie is a poisonous, fictional, and deluded endeavour intended to foment division and damage the state’s social fabric. The mainstream media is attempting to paint Love Jihad as a myth that was created by the right wing environment in order to foster Islamophobia and punish Muslim men for their religious identity. The opposition party in the state, the Kerala State Congress Party, has called for a ban on the film’s screenings there. They asserted that the film encourages misunderstandings among different religious communities and spreads untrue conspiracies.

Contrarily, the movie’s producer, Vipul Amrutlal Shah, and director, Sudiipto Sen, have denied the allegations and said that they have conducted sufficient research and have spoken to more than 100 women. Recognising the seriousness of the situation in which girls are lured into conversion by a well-connected ecosystem and then sent to Syria’s conflict zones as sex slaves for ISIS. The deeply rooted network also poses a serious threat to national security and sovereignty. The film draws attention to the suffering of the girls who are victimised by human trafficking and exploitation. Combating the problem and stopping the abuse of helpless Hindu and Christian girls who are utilised for illegal purposes are the objectives.

The Kerala Story is a reflection of transnational problem with cases in Europe been reported of grooming gangs and sexual exploitation rings from Middle East and South Asia have committed sexual offenses against Christian girls. The terrorist organization operating in Syria the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as ISIS forced thousands of Yazidi women and girls into sexual slavery while killing Yazidi men. They were forcibily converted to Islam or to face death. The international community must conduct broad-based collective action against ISIL in light of the connections between ISIL and the terrorist groups in its well-connected ecosystem. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Counter Terrorism Committee should identify and cut off ISIL’s financial sources. The actions that involve seizing the assets of entities and people connected to ISIL, sharing intelligence, and assembling a task force to assassinate ISIL’s leadership will leave the organization’s sleeper cells scattered over the world without a clear goal.

The Kerala Story will address the necessity to raise awareness of the predicament of women in war-torn Syria and Afghanistan. These regions are particularly prone to violence, exploitation, and abuse, including forced marriage, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Many women are compelled to escape their homes and end up as refugees, where they face additional difficulties in getting access to essential services, healthcare, and education. The movie shouldn’t be mischaracterized as inaccurate and disrespectful in order to spread damaging stereotypes and foster a climate of mistrust and misunderstanding. It is impossible to ignore the problem, which necessitates swift action to stop ISIL from committing ethno cultural genocide and eradicating communities.

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